Im crying

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I say again…

Big Time Rush is NOT DEAD :”D

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I know I said I would make gifs soon…

But the hard disc of my laptop unable to be fixed, I think it is not supported. And I’m very angry.

Anyway … In a week I will see live !! Heffron Drive I’m really excited !!! And I hope that week my laptop is ready for use, for you to share videos and photos !!


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Good news for me… And maybe for you haha

Finally I have computer.

It has been fixed, so I will do GIFS tomorrow

Just wanted you to know lol

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17 days for Heffron Drive concert in my city… I’M SO F*CKING EXCITED!!!!!! 🙌😹🎼🎶🎸🎤

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Viva Mexico. I’m Mexican and today is the day of independence, so…

VIVA MÉXICO. I love my country, food and tourist places 😝

But I HATE THE CORRUPTION and government… btw

Feliz día hermanas Rushers mexicanas n.n

Keep calm and love Mexico n.n

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#HappyBirthdayLoganHenderson is TT in my city shhssjjssksi

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Ooowww :3 


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Happy Birthday 25th Logan Henderson. Love you :3

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