Old school selfie in my trailer at the end of a long day. Today was heavy, but great. #SeedsOfYesterday #Bart

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DAAAAAMMMMMNNN You’re so perfect!!! 😻😻😻

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"Passing Time" Heffron Drive. Ciudad de... | Facebook

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The concert "Heffron Drive" was really beautiful and fun

Several girls fainted for be pushing … lol … But I hold…

He said he would return again to Mexico as “Heffron Drive” and “Big Time Rush”…

Dustin is a cute, they were so excited… In the end… It was so much excitement of Kendall, that off stage!!! To be with some Drivers !! I was a little back and don’t touch :(

So Kendall’s photo with his shirt torn a bit hahaha

Anyway… I ache all over, my sneakers are dirty, but … Would definitely repeat :”3

I recorded just videos… and with some poor picture quality and sound because it was a cell phone, as they had said no cameras allowed! You want I to still upload to youtube?

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I say for the third time …

Big Time Rush is NOT DEAD…

anyone who says otherwise…

is an idiot …

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Im crying

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I say again…

Big Time Rush is NOT DEAD :”D

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I know I said I would make gifs soon…

But the hard disc of my laptop unable to be fixed, I think it is not supported. And I’m very angry.

Anyway … In a week I will see live !! Heffron Drive I’m really excited !!! And I hope that week my laptop is ready for use, for you to share videos and photos !!


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Good news for me… And maybe for you haha

Finally I have computer.

It has been fixed, so I will do GIFS tomorrow

Just wanted you to know lol

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