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k3schmaslow whispered: Are your tickets for the tour he's doing with BTR? And where did you buy your tickets?

Oh no! They are tickets for the “Happy Mistakes Tour” Heffron Drive, will not be with BTR… (To my knowledge).

And I bought them online at Ticketmaster… But if you live in Mexico city, you can go to “El plaza Condesa” and purchase directly there 😝😸

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Big Time Rush is pre-nominated at KCA Argentina 2014 as “Favourite international Program”…

Vote now here

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I’m so proud, cbbsdf

Carlos las rushers te amamos kdbnfbshjd 

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Big Time Rush is NOT dead.


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I’m so sad because my laptop is not fixed.

The hard drive stopped working.

I’m so sad that all my information of BTR  was lost (including photoshoots and videos of the series)

Well, I hope to buy a new hard drive and start make GIFS, but it will take a little longer. Sorry.

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Wish me luckmorning fix my computer and if it is  I'll start making GIFS
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Heffron Drive… See you at “Plaza Condesa” in Mexico City!!!

I’m so exciteeeed!!!! 😸😸🙌🙌

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THEM!! I’m so proud :”D

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Fucking Alexa!!!! Hahahahaha 😸😸😸 😝She’s so lucky.

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I think you should tattoo “James”

Asdkkakdksksks 💜💓💗